View Full Version : Access Castle Story Storm 8 Blog Via the Game Itself!!!

03-14-14, 04:19 PM
I'm constantly playing, closing, googling my questions re: what I should be doing next...building requirements...questlines...etc., being brought to storm8 threads, finding the right thread (because for some reason I can't search storm8 threads directly b/c for some reason I can't log in via my iphone) and reloading my game--only to forget half of what I just learned and having to repeat the previously listed steps. Can we please get a link to the storm8 castle story thread directly from the game?? That would be awesome :o:o:o

03-15-14, 04:30 PM
That would be server crushing. It's tough to get Friends Requests as it is. Why can you not login via iPhone? I suggest you make the main Castle Story Forum link a Icon. Then Login. I find that trying to post or search then getting asked to login fails.