View Full Version : Couple ideas

02-28-14, 08:14 AM
Only been playing for a couple days and I love it but there's a few things that have been kinda bugging me that I think may improve the game a bit:

First off I know it's been requested before but I would LOVE to see free gems. I don't mind spending here and there but I don't always need large amounts, getting a handful of gems would be good for the players who only use gems sparingly in small amounts, such as reviving troops after battles. Can't imagine you'll lose much money, if any at all.

Second I think some of the build/upgrade times are a bit harsh. I'm in the process of building a flame catapult and I thought 5 hours was absurd for a level 0-1 build, maybe for a 2-3 upgrade but not for the first time building it, it just makes me not want to use that tower and never upgrade it, same for many other buildings. For the most part though I'd say most of the times are pretty fair however.

Thirdly, the amount it takes to upgrade troops in the armory seems a bit steep. 100k gems just to give the basic warrior a few more hit points made me laugh, especially when I saw that it costs the same as stronger units. I like the whole even across the board idea in some situations but when I need to fork over the same amount of resources to upgrade a level 1 barrack troop and a
Level 4+ barrack troop I just consider it pointless and a waste of my time and resources.

Next is a little less complaining and more actual suggesting ideas (yay!) starting with the possibility of adding speed up items, by which I mean if a player has enough gems to speed up lets say 1 hour of build time but the building they're upgrading takes longer than that then we should be able to just speed up what we can afford to speed up. Which kinda ties in to my next and last thought:

4b) why not have an inventory and buyable items? For example for x amount of gems you can buy chests containing anything from troops, speed up items, resources, player exp, and even special event items such as speciality buildings and troops (such as a research building that acts similar to the armory but can decrease training times, upgrade times, building and training costs, increase resource production, etc....) it'll make buying gems much more beneficial and appealing to players especially if you add perks to buying them (a chest after purchasing x, y, and z amounts of gems for example) and will add a new dimension to the game.

Sorry for the length but that's everything, if any of it was mentioned prior my bad, I skimmed through some of the posts and didn't see most of what I've said except for the free gems. I'd love to hear some feedback though and possibly expanding on the ideas? Thanks!