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02-24-14, 04:12 PM
I think the buttons should change for parts requesting. I think there should be an accept button and a gift button, but no decline button. I think pretty much all of us accept any parts request we get, so there is no need for a decline button. If for some reason you feel that the neighbor just uses you, then you can remove them. If you have a gift button instead of the decline button you can gift them the same part instead of having to visit them right away or find them in your neighbor list. If you have already sent a gift that day, then the button could be grayed out like it is in the neighbor list. It would make it that much easier to send what your neighbor really wants. Thanks!

03-01-14, 11:46 AM
I understand where you're coming from, usually people don't decline gifts. But I've found that a lot of higher level players get a lot of gifts on a daily basis, and one gift may be better than another, so they might decline some gifts in order to keep certain gifts that they need more than others.

03-01-14, 01:07 PM
Mollybrown, if I understand auroramom correctly, it would be to these decline and accept buttons that she is referring:


She isn't referring to the decline button for gifts received. I think her suggestion is pretty good and would avoid the accidental "decline" slips we all make from time to time.

03-02-14, 06:19 AM
Ah I see. :)