View Full Version : Help with level 104

02-23-14, 04:02 PM
Can't get to make 280000 points on this level, any tips?

02-24-14, 05:36 PM
I just used all my energy, so I can't take a look at level 104 right now. But there's some basic scoring information at the Level 68 (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?64535-level-68-help!&p=836832#post836832) thread, with a chart & tips for scoring high on "points" levels. Later when I've recharged, I'll take a look & see if I have any level-specific tips. Good luck!

02-25-14, 11:22 AM
For Level 104, I found it best to start with a board with a big string (say, 5+) of one color at the top...to quickly remove lots of stumps. If you don't have it, restart the level (pause, back arrow--doesn't take an energy if you don't touch anything.) Then, remove the doom slime before it goes off--or game over! (Also try to touch at least one vine with each move...don't want them spreading.) But try to remove the obstacles with the longest fruit chains (FC) you can. That's how you reach the big points--making long FC's, and using the special fruits you get from them (blasters & bombs) in combination...

Always check the board before each move, to see which option will get you the highest # of points. Be sure to read the post I mentioned (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?64535-level-68-help!&p=836832#post836832) earlier (w/scoring info.) At first, you'll still have to take the remaining stumps & vines into consideration, cuz you want them gone to make room for more fruit. But you should still try to activate and create blasters (& bombs, hopefully!) with every move.

Even when you make the best choices, some boards aren't very "lucky." When you make a 28+ fruit chain, you get 3 blasters & a bomb. If they all get put on the same color, and you can link them into a chain, it will wipe out the entire board. (2 Bombs & 2 blasters will do this, too.) But sometimes you'll be "unlucky," and your bomb will get isolated to the side with no blasters to combo with. You still have options, and can activate it by pointing your blasters at it, save it for the next move, etc. Sometimes, the colors will fall in separated bunches, instead of weaving beautifully over the entire board for a huge chain! But regardless, don't be discouraged--eventually you'll get that lucky board where it all goes your way.

I took some screenshots, but have to go into Photobucket on my PC to load (really need a new method--mad at them for changing the app!) So I'll be coming back later to edit this, and hopefully clarify w/screenshots...

Good luck!