View Full Version : Three days to get 12 bingos...

02-22-14, 01:53 AM
When I launched the game this morning, I accidentally closed the prompt that said what room you need to get the 12 bingos on to get the gems. I've checked in the achievement list but it's not there. I completely shut down and reopened the game about ten times, but I guess it's only programmed to come up once or something? What room is it?

02-23-14, 02:57 AM
Anyone? Is it not the same room for everyone?

kooky panda
02-23-14, 08:46 AM
Sometimes times these goals can be different for players. I have not played for a while, but I opened my game and here is one that popped up for me.

Get 12 Bingos in Taste of Paris- (2 days).

02-23-14, 10:33 AM
That was the one. It didn't even come up today for me. It seems like you get one chance to see it and that's it. Thanks a bunch!

kooky panda
02-23-14, 05:01 PM
You are welcome. Pops up usually only show up once per day. You probably would of gotten it again tomorrow.