View Full Version : Against the 21 hours tournaments.

02-22-14, 01:16 AM
I am against these so called 2 days tournaments, To begin with, it is a misnomer, it is not 2 days what we have to play, it is only 37 hours, and for the ones we pay in euros, only 21 hours.

The tournament started yesterday at 7 pm Greenwich time, and I will finish tomorrow at 8 a.m. that is only 37 hours, and if you do not count the hours you spent sleeping (2 nights x 8 hours) then it is only 21 hours.

For the ones who may say that I should have checker earlier, I checked at around 6 pm Greenwich time, and the tournament did not start yet. So it actually started at 7 pm.

Besides, Templar is in round 5 and it defeated two of my champions already. If the 7 days are very difficult, these 21 hours tournaments are impossible if you do not have diamond dragons.

It seems that the more money I spend in this games, the more unlucky I am in the tournamets. Yesterday I bought an extra nest for 5 euros and today I cannot beat Templar with my epic champions. Not a good mesage to send to the ones who actually spend money on the games.

Now I am stuck with Templar and I will not be able to get more helmets until tommorow.

02-22-14, 02:27 PM
Doesnt matter if you have diamond hybrids and champions, tournaments are still diffiucult. Using ultimate is the way to go!

02-23-14, 03:19 AM
Maybe, but those who like in Europe only have 22 hours or so to play because the tournament takes 1 day and 2 nights here. Whereas the ones living in the Americas have 30 hours because the tournament takes 2 days and 1 night. That is unfair.

02-23-14, 08:06 AM
us Americans also may have a life outside dragon story so most likely no one has all the hours given. between work,kids, husband, cooking i still managed to get the dragon on 2 acct because i speed up between battles for 4 gold

if i didn't speed up no where near would i have been able to finish

02-23-14, 08:08 AM
I'm in the same case that you. European players are clearly desavantaged. For my part, I was on the round 9. Just two Dragons left. And I'm gone to bed at past 2am. I fought till the last minute but humans even need to sleep! And of course, when I woke up around 9am, tourney was just finished. Frustrating!
TL, please, think that all players are not Americans. That's really not fair to us. And 37 hourd are definitely not 2 days (or you have not the same notion of time than most of people). So make this tourney on two REAL days of 48 hours, please. Because this tourney really worth it but for the moment, it's descouraging.

02-23-14, 02:20 PM
I'm not expecting much to change no matter how much we complain about their weird way of measuring time - it's a free to play game and they need to get some money in still, so they prefer if players has to buy gold to finish - if they were to give us 2-day tournament that actually is 48 hour long that'd mean better odds for us/less dollars for them, so don't hold your breath! :)

As for when it starts and finishes it would most likely become too complicated having events running at different times, i'm a technical idiot ofc but i think that would make everything too advanced and also not worth the effort for them - again it would just lessen TL profit i think.

Imo it's best to just cave in and try to save up gold from questing, goals and nice neighbors - gold to be used speeding up arena or for Ultimates, and not expect to finish events just by fighting the rounds as they come.