View Full Version : Where is my rat tail?

02-18-14, 04:36 PM
I was combatting one of these very vicious skunkies, and got lovely rat tail, when suddenly the game updated itself and took my precious away.
Can it be brought back to his loving mother who misses it so?
(on anatomy mission you know... Each one counts)

Thanks in advance


-oh, and if, as an apologyfor this mischief, or just as a good will gesture, you would like to add another 22? Please do feel so much free to do it-

02-18-14, 04:51 PM
It sounds like your game was out of sync with the TeamLava servers, and so your game data was overwritten with the server data before your rat tail made it into the server database. Sorry, its gone.

02-18-14, 05:15 PM
Not as sorry as I am I can assure you. Sad day indeed.

kooky panda
02-19-14, 05:25 AM
When coming into the game, before collecting anything, go visit a neighbors so you game has time to sync up with the servers. This will help with out of sync issues.

You can try sending an email to support@teamlava.com to see if they will reimburse you the rat tail.