View Full Version : Blank cells, diamonds explosion, bomb range, diamond on diamond

02-18-14, 01:22 AM
PierQ from level 483

Blank cells:some cells in fire levels are not refilled with gems when fire is extinguished. in this way such cells are not usable anymore to swap gems. Result: level becomes very difficult to be passed

Diamond explosion: in some cases when a bomb explodes diamond far away explode too without any reason. In this way the diamond is wasted, very annoying. At least make the diamond clear a casual colour!!!

Bomb range: usage of bomb on bomb has not always the same range of action.

Diamond on diamond: it' very rare. It shall extinguish every fire, it shall clear any land or stone in digging levels. Please implement this modification.

[S8] Regina
02-18-14, 06:10 PM
For this level, the middle row with the fires are not supposed to be filled with Gems after you clear the fire. The top Gems will fall through the portal to the bottom Gems. Using Column Blasters will allow you to clear the fires in the middle.

Thank you for the feedback on the features, we appreciate them and will forward them to the team. If you have any other feedback, we will be more than happy to pass them along!


03-01-14, 12:59 PM
I've also noticed that sometimes diamonds randomly explode when you make a combo or use a special jewels somewhere that isn't even close to it. Strange.

In relation to your comment on blank cells, I've noticed that here and there on digging and glass levels columns don't fill in after using a vertical blaster. It's annoying because you can't really pass the level and it's a waste of energy. Usually I take that as note that I have to restart the game, but it still happens once in a while.

Doesn't diamond +diamond always clear dirt? I'm pretty sure the only time it doesn't is when you do that and there's super dirt that's right next to an ice block, but that's only because it turns to the ice to super dirt. I do agree thought that diamond + diamond should clear fire.