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02-17-14, 07:24 AM
I'm stuck on level 125. Does anyone have tips or tricks to get me out out this level

02-17-14, 08:10 PM
Hi, it's been awhile since I played this level, so I don't have any level-specific tips. But it's (almost) always a good idea to stun/clear the Gobblers (the same color as your target candies) so they don't eat the candies you need. I think they were pretty agressive on this level, if I remember correctly--so stay on top of them (or you won't have any candies left to collect!) Start with a board with lots of purple candies (in the bottom section--the long columns are always filled w/the same "checkerboard" green and pink.) You also want at least one horizontal match (preferably purple) against a Gobbler, to stun one (or 2 if you can) right out of the gate. If you don't have a good starting setup, press pause and restart the level (doesn't use an energy if you don't touch anything.)

I know this one took me lots of tries before I got the right board, with the right opportunities (enough green & pink candies falling in the right proportions, and NOT having too many Gobblers.) Some rounds are much luckier than others, so you have to recognize when things are going better (like you're getting close, but might need just a little more help--like breaking out your free, rechargeable boosts. Some basic tips on using those is in this thread (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?65007-Stuck-on-level-101).) Be sure to watch your target candy count, so you know when you've reached the quota on one (and don't waste moves getting more when you need a different candy!) So many times I've not paid attention, and suddenly realize (too late) that I was almost there--I could've won (by using my free boost(s), making a different move, etc.) if I'd only been watching more carefully... ;)

Good luck! If you still need some help, I'll play the level again (once I pass the one I'm stuck on!) Best of luck!

02-17-14, 09:38 PM
For the first move, make a horizontal one, so that the red/green candies on the top rows can make some matches. Stun and kill the gobblers so that they don't eat candies. Green ones have higher priorities than red ones, because you need more.
I played 7 times to beat this level today. Good Luck!

02-20-14, 04:08 PM
@chenfeiz: great tips! I added the word "horizontal" to my post above based on your excellent tip. But wanted to "credit" you for the idea, lol... ;)

03-22-14, 08:04 PM
Do you have tips for level 159 @chenfeiz