View Full Version : R.I.P. Troll essence

02-17-14, 12:19 AM
I noticed some strange changes since last update.

Many ppl complaining about that glimmergate "forgot" dropping glimmer shards and fragments. So do I, before the new update I always got them (and so I was maxed on it), now they drop only every 2nd or 3rd time, most times only coins drop from glimmergate.

I noticed also, that trolls no longer holding troll essence. I fight at least 4-5 trolls every day but I got no essence since about last update. I would need them for some upgrades; I was nearly maxed about some weeeks ago when I started to build some theaters, now I have zero essence and cant get any.

Did you notice strange changes like this?

02-17-14, 09:23 AM
The trolls in my kingdom are still dropping the essence. I just received some now!