View Full Version : Win-win if habitats purchased with gold are made exempt from habitat limits

02-14-14, 05:41 PM
Why would it not be a win-win solution to exempt gold bought habitats from the limit? A lot more people would buy them that won't now "just to add one more dragon". I have SIXTEEN gold bought habitats on one account, at the limit for habitats and STILL have 12 dragons in storage..... And we should be able to display our ultra rare diamonds in their own habitat. It was stated before in this forum that to be able to display all of your dragons, you need to buy the gold cost habitats. Well, that's not true anymore, it's still not enough.

Exempting the gold bought habitats from the limit would solve the problem. If it causes a problem on my device, then I know what to do.

Thanks for listening. Lol

02-14-14, 05:51 PM
Wow Mreames..you have a lot of gold purchased habitats..Great post!!!