View Full Version : Gem sale along with mystery box sale!

02-11-14, 08:45 AM
I've seen the items in the mystery boxes and I love most of them! I've always thought
I wouldn't spend a cent on gems! But when I did have the chance to open a few,
I totally fell for it! I ended up buying a lot of gems to open more! TeamLava,
a gem sale along with a mystery box sale would be awesome!!
I would be ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC if you give us this oppurtunity! I'm pretty sure
I'll spend more than I usually do! Please take in some consideration!

02-11-14, 06:33 PM
30% gem sales happen all the time. 40% gem sale r very rare. The only 1 that happens every year is the 1 around Thanksgiving in preparation 4 Black Friday sale.