View Full Version : Equal opportunity on Gems sale please

02-11-14, 12:11 AM
Dearest RS,

For those of us who play this game with multiple accounts and devices; please ensure that you offer the sale of gems to all the devices equally. For example: I have an Ipad and the Iphone; my Iphone restaurant always get all the wonderful sale of 30%-40% off at least once or twice a month, on the other hand; my poor ipad restaurant only experience the sale only once on Xmas (one time). Please make sure your offers are consistence. Some of us are willing to spend money for our entertainment, but why bother if we know we are not getting the best deal :(.

02-11-14, 03:42 PM
I so agree w u. Like that 40% gem sale that was here on RS a couple of days ago not only did I not get it here on my ipad but it wasn't on my iPhone either. Something makes me think it was only 4 android players this time. I feel like TL should b giving me gems w all the traps I've fallen victim 2 recently including the 1 4 181 gems about 2wks ago.

02-19-14, 04:41 AM
I also agree, I find it so annoying that the lower level restaurants get the sales and we higher up don't, it's like their grooming and favouring the lower levels :(

02-19-14, 12:55 PM
I don't believe that lvls have anything 2 do w it. I didn't "buy" gems w anything until I reached lvl 99. Up 2 that pt I only used gems from recipes I mastered or from having obtained lvl 3 on a recipe. So lvls have nothing 2 do w them IMHO.