View Full Version : Lower the starting price of gem purchases and you'll make more money!

02-08-14, 09:55 AM
I am reposting this from a discussion thread, since it is actually a suggestion:

Please make gems cheaper or offer starter packs more often and to everyone. I don't mind spending now and then 0.98 for let's say 100 gems - in the end I would probably spend much more than now because I would buy more often. I don't think twice about making an in-app purchase for small amounts of real money, but spending 3.99 or more is not something I do easily - after all, that's the price of a full-grown app.

And, if possible, please let us gift stuff out of our inventory. Some people might need what we cannot use (leftovers from quests).

I'm going to agree with this. Personally, I almost never shell out more than 0.99 cents on an in-app purchase. However when there is a 0.99 cent in-app purchase available, I will purchase it many many times over the course of game play.

It's the psychology of it all. To me, a dollar is nothing. Even $1.99 is nothing. After all, what can you get in real life for a dollar these days? But $3.99 is practically 5 bucks, and I can buy something decent with $5 in real life. So I can't justify spending that on a game all in one shot.

I'm fully aware that this doesn't make logical sense, since in the end, I probably shell out twenty to fifty bucks in 0.99 cent purchases over time, but in terms of business, it just makes sense for TL to offer a lower cost gem package. I promise you will get way more money out of me that way.

I have yet to purchase a regular gem package from Castle Story. The only time I've made a purchase was when they offered a bundle for $1.99 that included that an apple tree (which I needed to get Sir Piggy), gems and/or coins and wisp lanterns (I think that's what it was). And then I caved and bought the following $9.99 bundle with gems, lanterns and 50 trade tickets. I've never spent ten bucks on a game at once, but that seemed worth it to me at the time, plus I do want to support the game developers.

Please help me support you even more by offering 50 gems for $1.99 and 20 gems for $0.99!! I promise you will see a major increase in purchases. Just try it out for a week.

02-18-14, 11:52 PM
I would probably spend twice, even three times the amount I do now on gems if there was a $0.99 option. I think of a dollar here and there as a lot less than $4.99, and I confess that in other games/apps I end up spending more than I would have if I had bought two of the $4.99 deals. Like you said, it's in the psychology of it. I think they're making a big mistake not offering that package...and losing a lot of profit.