View Full Version : Fixed Daily tickets decreased!

02-05-14, 06:38 PM
Today i finished 27 collections and got my daily tickets to increase to 102 tickets. i was very happy that i finally finished enough collections to get more than 100 tickets a day, but as i kept playing i leveled up to level 101 and noticed that my daily tickets collection went down to only 78 out of nowhere. This happened right after i leveled up. I tried closing the app and opening it again but its still at 78 tickets. Im very upset over this because i've spent a lot of time playing to get to this point. Please can someone help me fix this issue?

02-05-14, 06:59 PM
This has been fixed! Please force close your game and check your game, thanks!

02-05-14, 07:17 PM
Thank you!