View Full Version : XP and Message Bugs (please respond asap)

05-24-10, 06:58 AM
I planted onions to my farm to earn +4xp but when I harvested them, I seen it's just giving +1xp ?
Also, all of them was watered so it gives + 10% money but have no any change for xp ?

The other bug/problem , it is just allowing to type 2 line message and automatically removing remaining lines, it's so annoying ! Can you remove that limitation or can you add an limit to the text message. So we can understand as we reached to the text message limit.

Many thanks in advance for your replies.

Note: also i believe watering the crops could be more important with giving like +1 xp to that players when you watered like 5 times (or even +5 xp. For 5 water) So people can would like to help others much more.

05-24-10, 01:57 PM
You get xp for planting the plants. The +1xp you got when harvesting was for the water.