View Full Version : Where are the dragon scales

02-04-14, 09:41 PM
Finally got my dragon, it is grown, and it has yet to drop scales. Does it drop them often for you, and when it does drop scales, how many at a time?

02-04-14, 10:05 PM
It drops 1 or 2 scales, maybe 1-2 times a week for me.

02-04-14, 11:10 PM
Same here, more often than not I get coal, jewels, armour or energy. It's a pain when you really need the scales but otherwise they are quite nice drops.

02-05-14, 04:31 AM
At the risk of jinxing my good luck, my first 2 drops from my fully grown dragon have been 2 dragon scales each time. Now I probably won't get another one for weeks.

02-05-14, 06:37 AM
I been getting coal for weeks and this morning I got,my scales ,,yeah!!!!!!!!,

02-05-14, 01:12 PM
For me it is similar to those listed above. I have four dragons and on occasion I get gems.