View Full Version : Fixed Apparent Glitch in Level 387 with Bubbles in Queue

01-30-14, 06:52 PM

There seems to be a glitch with Level 387 in that sometimes the bubble in the "on deck circle" of the queue - i.e., the bubble that will be the next one to be thrown after the current throw - changes color after a throw. For example, you could have a green bubble in your hands with an orange one due to come up next, but after the throw the one in your hands is now light blue, instead of orange as expected.

I suspect that this is a glitch, rather than a deliberate design feature of the game, as it seems to happen only in about one out of every four games or so, and not at all on the others. That's just my rough impression; I haven't carefully analyzed the frequency of occurrence.

You may wish to look into this when you have a chance. Thank you.

- Linc

01-31-14, 09:57 AM
Thanks for the report! We took a look and it appears like it happens on the first throw. You technically start with 1 Bubble, but the on-deck Bubble is also shown. I've forwarded this to the team to work on a fix!

02-07-14, 04:11 PM
I forgot to reply to this. Thank you for forwarding this issue. Incidentally, I think this behavior happens not only at the start of a game, but later in a game, as well. Hopefully the fix will take care of everything.



02-07-14, 05:20 PM
We added a fix for this so you will now start with 4 Bubbles. You shouldn't be encountering this issue any longer. :)