View Full Version : more crashes with last update

01-27-14, 01:19 PM
With the last update the crashes its getting worst. Now it take me off after 2 minutes. Im very frustrated.
I'm on level 36, since the level 10 it crash when someone visit me when I recollect or use the plane etc.

I'm all ready do everything to try to fix.
Please do something!, I love farm story but I think its enough for bugs.

[S8] Regina
01-27-14, 02:27 PM
Unfortunately, your device meets the minimal requirements for our games and may have performance and memory issues. As you level up, adding more items and animated decorations to your board, the game requires more resources from the device. If the device is older, it will cause the game performance to decline.

You may be able to improve game performance by closing down background apps to free up more resources.

We are looking further into optimizations for the future, but you may still experience issues if you have a device with limited specs.

01-27-14, 03:09 PM
Same here...I saw the latest reviews with last weeks new version of farm 2- most people are all experiencing crashes from latest update ..I wish I didn't update it ...I'm on iPad 1st generation ( game up on that device with this game ).. And was plying both accounts on itouch 4 th generation ...while the itouch still had crashes ( mine about 80% of time lost tool and item ).. And whenever I was visited it crashed..and the side market would lead to a crash ..it would take about 10 tries to get 1 thing to stay..

New update ...crashes during market / newspaper / collecting crops / barn items ..- now 100% crashing when trying to sell with side market ..can even try 50 times ..no luck ..all other games on device are force closed ..this I uninstall and reinstall several times a day ..no luck ...unfortunately until this bug is fixed .cant play as i can't get rid of items really without selling function ..I see on reviews it says they are aware of this and are working on it and want to know what actions cause the crash ..so hopefully this is read too..I also left review as they didn't specify where to leave this feedback on crashing ...level 33 on both accounts ...