View Full Version : CRASH..again

01-27-14, 05:43 AM
The latest update has got to be the worst! I've been patient with the previous crash issues and still played but this time it crashes no matter what I do. Deleted, reinstalled, hard restart etc..... I have original iPad. Is anyone ever going to admit that this game was created based on the latest and greatest IOS and there will never be a "fix" for us outdated IOS users!?!?

[S8] Regina
01-27-14, 11:58 AM
I'm sorry about the crashes! When you exit the game, please always force-close the app and reopen again.

Also, apps running in the background may take up resources and can cause performance and memory issues in other apps. Try closing out applications that are running in the background and clearing your device's cache to free up the device's resources and memory.

01-27-14, 12:54 PM
I have done EVERYTHING you mentioned above!! Does not fix issue.