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01-24-14, 02:26 PM
There needs to be improvements made. All ground troops die way to easily and fast. I'm not saying to overpower anything like the archer used to be but 2 shots from any level take them out.

Archer - useless except for mop up

Warrior - cannon fodder. Equally. Useless and path stupid to boot.

Bears - with weapons powered higher, effectively nerfed but better than the rest

Assassins - ok they go after portal troops now but health is so low you need 50 to take out 30 archers from portal, that's 100 house spaces.

Thieves - thieves are awesome. I love thieves... When nothing is there to shoot them. They do exactly what I want. Go for resources. Perfect mop.

Demos - I love demos but you can't lead with them because they die way too fast.

Air Ships - these are over powered and under healthed which is why EVERYONE attacks with 40+. If you have no air defense, you're 100%d

Healers - these are awesome, so awesome I maxed them quickly. Sadly they take 15 slots so I cannot use them.

Ice Wizards I have never used so have no opinion.

Knights - I am back and forth with these. They are great but they take forever to make and take 15 slots as well. They can level a base but the house space and train time make them an overnight troop.

Dragons dragons are the most graceful and powerful troop we have, a cunning and intelligent beast that swiftly flies about wreaking havoc while avoiding 33% of the defensive fire! Oh wait, that's what they SHOULD do. Instead they hover like snails and get shot down by any portal archers or tower archers or flame throwers while they take forever to move to next target. Need I mention 25 house space, and 30 minute train time?

I left out summoner on purpose.

In summation, attack needs help. To have an effective mix, you cannot have enough of any one troop, there is not enough space. If you could do something, anything, to balance it just a little better, we would all be happier.

Someone posted this is now tower defense and I am kind of agreeing. As it is right now, I would pay 1000 gems a piece for 2 more posts.

Anyone else?

01-24-14, 09:50 PM
Yeah what he said.