View Full Version : iPhone clock functions (alarm, timer) cause game to freeze, level restart

01-24-14, 02:08 PM
Lately when my basic iPhone 4 clock functions go off (like an alarm or timer,) it causes Jewel Mania (& other "Mania" games I play--CBM, FSM) to freeze. The level won't "unfreeze." If I close it by hitting the home key, the game completely restarts when I open it. (Normally, it would go back to the level I was working on--not make me start over.) So I'm losing progress and energies (& a couple times, I would've won if the alarm hadn't gone off!) I need my alarms to remind me of everyone's various needs (do lots of juggling!) This has never been an issue before...noticed it the first time a couple weeks ago, (I think.)

I have the most current versions of all my games, but my iPhone software is only IOS 6.x (can't update--not enough memory. I'd have to delete a few apps I'm not willing to part with...including my Team Lava games!) Not sure if anyone else is having this issue. I always close out extra background apps on my phone while playing (only one TL game running at a time, for example,) and I hard-restart my phone once a week or so.

[S8] Regina
01-27-14, 03:07 PM
I checked this and was unable to get the same issue to show up. Are you able to take screen-shots of the issue you are experiencing?