View Full Version : Congrats and thanks!

01-13-11, 05:51 PM
Congratulations Birdies Nest and Inye on winning the restaurant contest.

Thank you to everyone who entered for sharing your awesome designs and sharing your new year hopes with us.

May our year be filled with flowers- a rebirth of hope. And maybe all come close to what is most important in life. Family and friends. I wish you all peace, happiness, and dreams fulfilled.

Thank you team for letting me hold this event.

01-13-11, 06:44 PM
THANK u lesleypsg... thanks u for bringing such a good idea and the gems too of course.. this kind of contest really revitalizes the stories... and i wish each one of us do the best this year, we will not change the world, but im sure we will feel better about ourselves and thus the ones who surraround us.
And to Norman: keep the good work u have done!!! dont let those ''bad behavior'' affect you...