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01-23-14, 11:13 AM
Dear Team Lava,

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. First I would like to tell you how much I love your games. I look forward to all the updates and enjoy spending my time decorating my bakery and restaurant. I like cooking all the new dishes and take pride in my places to the point of showing them off to my family and friends and even get them involved playing the game as well.

I recently spent a large number of gems on your prize boxes, and I can say that while I knew the risk before I made my purchases, I decide to take my chances anyway. I did come away with third and fourth place items and am left feeling not too terrible about the experience.

What I would like to do is offer a suggestion about your prize boxes. I spend real money buying your gems and would like to spend those gems on things that are well designed and appealing to the eye. I am sure you realize that the majority of your 4th place items aren't worth the ticket price of 24 gems, and when your customers open the box and get these prizes, we feel a bit ripped off. That makes some of us feel bad and most people wouldn't want to continue to open boxes if they are made to feel bad repeatedly.

All I am asking is that while your boxes cost 24 gems to open, is to make the items inside the box be valued at at least that of 24 gems. Remember, what people are really buying is nothing more than pixels. I have seen that you are capable of creating truly beautiful and inspiring items and would appreciate a little bit more effort in the items contained within them. If you would, it would definitely please your customers which would create loyalty and mean a better bottom line for you the creators. I know I would spend more gems on your boxes as I am sure many more people would too.

Thanks for listening and for your consideration.

01-23-14, 12:06 PM
Nice and truthful letter Ruth! I hope BS staff will learn from it:) you have my support!

01-23-14, 12:47 PM
I completely agree!

01-23-14, 01:16 PM
Thumbs up......

02-02-14, 10:53 PM
Well said!

02-03-14, 06:46 AM
Would be nice, too, if the first place and second place items are at least worth 24 gems too!

02-03-14, 08:04 AM
It would also be nice if we didn't get four of the same 4th place prizes before we have any other prizes. Maybe no repeats until you at least have all the 4th place prizes?? I really like to buy boxes, but it's a bummer when you get the same prize over & over!!

02-03-14, 05:15 PM
Agreed. 4th place items should be worth at least 24 gems, I've seen way too many 4th (and even higher) place items that aren't worth more than 2-5 gems imo.

02-04-14, 04:41 PM
I have been playing for awhile now, I want the Cherry Cabinet sooooo bad, that's in the Picnic Box. I have tried that box so many times. I've gotten the Duck Fountain twice!!!! And that's 1st place. But I have never gotten the Cherry Cabinet. But my friend tried the Picnic Box once when she first started playing, got the cabinet on the first try.....ugh! Maybe the Cherry Cabinet should be 1st place and the Duck Fountain 4th place......these boxes are such a gamble. And I think the game works against you...I think it knows what you want and makes sure you don't get it.....lol. :p

02-15-14, 03:16 AM
Hi Annie , I'm Jenna , well I'm sewsweet in bakery, and I'm yumzidum in restaurant! But I do like to visit the forums and learn some stuff! See if anything new is going down! Or just read and see if I'm having the same thoughts that are being talked about? Sadly.... A lot of the purchasing players concerns seen to go well UNHEARD! For instance I really do want another expansion , I really do! I'd like more ovens and didn't realize the price was going to change, otherwise I would have bought VERY mANY several times over ! It is money! Please don't break our hearts! ��Yummyju��

03-24-14, 06:23 PM
Totally agree! I have many dupes of the 4th place items and a few of the 3rd and I wish we could have better/cuter lower place items. And maybe be able to trade in two or three 3rd and 4th place items for another shot at the box.

04-10-14, 08:38 PM
I'm with Ruth!

04-11-14, 08:39 PM
To Pipipooh1977, I agree! I have wanted the giant lollipops from one of the candy boxes. I've never received it. I got 2 Gummi Bears, 3 candy bowls, 2 gumdrop trees, 1 candy mushroom, and 1 candy flowers. But no giant lollipops. I really want those. So your theory seems valid to me (unscientifically though).

04-16-14, 08:20 AM
I totally agree. I do not buy them myself because I find that they are too overly priced. I also think that before a box is actually bought a "Are you sure you want to buy this item" box should appear on your screen before you can move it into your bakery then buy it because one day I was scrolling through expansions and accidentally bought one with all of the gems I'd saved up for a new expansion.

04-17-14, 05:09 AM
I personally think it would be ok to keep the 4th place items IF there were no repeats. I wouldn't mind getting a few cheaper items as long as I knew I would be guaranteed to eventually get the entire set. Every time I open that sugar fairy box I get more and more nervous as so far I have NOT gotten a duplicate. LOL, watch for my post complaining about it in a couple days :p