View Full Version : Gift Limit

01-21-14, 04:31 PM
We should be able to get gifts from all our friends daily. We can have a limit on the amount we can store. Why is there a limit on how many gifts we can receive?

01-22-14, 04:30 PM
U confuse me. 1st u want gifts from all ur nbrs, but then u want a limit on the # of gifts we're allowed 2 have in storage. I'd think ud want an unlimited storage space so ud b able 2 accept all of these daily gifts.
So TL plz leave gifting the way it is, limits on the amt we receive and unlimited space. It'd b nice if we'd b able 2 delete the gifts we no longer want, like the parts we know we'll no longer use 4 ovens that r no longer available 2 us. 4 example the turkeys 4 the thanksgiving oven.

01-22-14, 06:21 PM
There is a limit on the number of gifts we can store in our inventory - 32,767 plates of one type of food or part.

I too wish we had no limit on the number of gifts we could receive in any one day and wish we could receive as many gifts as we have neighbours. If not that many then I certainly wish we could accept more than 20. No doubt the reason for the limit is to make it a bit more challenging for us especially in terms of building appliances, mastering recipes and earning money.