View Full Version : can't connect to facebook

01-21-14, 10:37 AM
i tried to connect on FB i allow the slots and nothing happen then i connect again nothing happen just a blank page. 25twpwn is my SUpport id .my device is ipad3. ios7

[S8] Regina
01-21-14, 11:04 AM
If you are using an Apple device and see a blank white page when attempting to connect to Facebook, please check your device settings for your Safari browser. Make sure the "Javascript" option is ON under the Safari settings. You can find this option by visiting your "Device Settings > Safari > Javascript > Turn ON". This will ensure that the game connects with Facebook properly.

After you have turned this option on, please force close your game then reopen the game and connect to Facebook. Please let us know if you still have trouble connecting to Facebook.

02-25-14, 01:43 PM
Hi, i have the same problem and I did as you wrote but still nothing happens. Just a blank page. Device iPad 2 ios7

[S8] Regina
02-25-14, 05:38 PM
Please try the following:

Log into Facebook, go to Settings > Apps. Delete Slots from the Apps section. Then attempt to connect again, but wait a minute to see if the connection options load.

You can also try:

Deleting the Facebook app from your device. Then attempt to connect to Facebook again, it will then open up the browser and ask you to sign into your Facebook.

Please let us know if these steps help!

02-25-14, 08:06 PM
Tried both options and still not working. :(

[S8] Regina
02-26-14, 03:54 PM
Sorry to hear that! Are you still seeing a blank page or unable to connect to Facebook after attempting to log in? Please also make sure you did not block apps from accessing Facebook.

02-27-14, 11:33 AM
Still seeing the blank page. Where do i look up if anythings blocked?