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01-21-14, 07:02 AM
One of my neighbors has two Harvest Pergolas. When I first saw the second one I did not think much of it but it stuck in my head. Of all the new buildings I really like the loot table of the Harvest Pergola. I have plenty of gems and am also maxed out on holiday drops in inventory. I would need to purchase a few quest items such as firebricks and ancient flower pots but it can be done. My question is do any of you have two Harvest Pergolas and do you think it is worth it to purchase another?

I have pretty much everything you can have so I have nothing I need to spend gems on. I save them in the event a timed quest is rolled out and I am short on time.

Other then the maple trees, the Harvest Pergola is the one building I really like of all the recent ones. The inn is nice for the wisps and the stable for the ice cream but they do not have large loot tables like the pergola.

Please let me know your thoughts. BTW, I also do not mind keeping my gems. :)

01-21-14, 07:12 AM
How do you upgrade it if the goal is done? Use gems, too? That could add up after 5 levels.

01-21-14, 07:17 AM
Yep use gems. You only need to use gems on certain items. The firebricks and flower pots will cost gems as they come from adventures. I assume the pillar plans will as well but maybe not as I have done the quest already. I have plenty of felt and leaves left over so those will not cost me. All other items are common drops.

01-21-14, 08:44 AM
I was thinking of getting 2 also ..but I have very little gems ...I was wondering though ..since you can buy it outright with gems ..does that mean you get it at level 5 built already since its not coin like the first one ?

01-21-14, 09:14 AM
I believe you have to upgrade it to level 5. Any items that are no longer offered from adventures (Fire Bricks, Column Plans), quest crafting (Ancient Flower Pots - quest based craft ability) or aspen trees(Fall Leaves and Holiday Felt), you will need to pay with gems. I would love some feedback from a player who has already done this. Or someone who knows for certain will be great also.

01-21-14, 09:35 AM
If you buy the Harvest Pergola from the market, it comes at level 5 (fully built) - I just did this :)

01-21-14, 09:41 AM
If you buy the Harvest Pergola from the market, it comes at level 5 (fully built) - I just did this :)

Yep. ^^

And if you buy a second Kingdom Inn it will come fully upgraded, too.

01-21-14, 10:03 AM
Ohh Wow well that changes things. Thank you very much for the feedback!

Did either of you feel it was worth it?

01-21-14, 11:38 AM
I like having two because it does reduce cooking in the kitchen a little bit. Even if all I get is sugar and flour, I'm a happy person. I'd rather collect from something that drops stuff than something that only drops coins. I have enough coins.

01-21-14, 12:33 PM
I now have two pergolas! I appreciate the information rachmac07 and MiniLaura.

01-21-14, 05:36 PM
The reindeer stable is now for purchase fully upgraded too! Didn't try doing the goal for my daughter's kingdom and now am very pleased to have such a pretty building. Now if only I hadn't accidentally wasted gems in my own kingdom, sigh.

01-30-14, 09:14 PM
Thanks guys for confirmation of them coming fully built ..110 more gems to go :)