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01-19-14, 05:14 AM
There seem to be a lot of people experiencing difficulties with getting lots of one item, but too few of another - I appreciate increasing drop levels isn't an ideal action for the game makers to take, but I just wondered if the following might be a suitable compromise between players and TL?

My idea is to have a swap shop - players would be able to put an item up and then request an item they'd like to swap it for. For example, I have a lot of maps, but always seem to struggle for deeds and permits. In the event of a swap shop existing, I'd be able to go and say I'd like to swap 1 map for 1 deed, and so on.

I appreciate there may be the necessity to limit how many items a player could do this daily etc, but seems a good compromise - players still work for the special items they get with deliveries etc. but are able to feel like they're progressing by swapping items for more helpful items.

I guess an alternative to this - and perhaps more simple to implement - would be to allow players an option when they do receive a special item. Instead of being given a map you could be given an option of a map, deed or permit, and the player would be able to select the item most useful to them at that time.

Hope this all makes sense.

01-25-14, 01:18 PM
I like this idea. Perhaps make it akin to the Promote button. Once every 8 hours you may put in a request for an item and quantity. FS will present you with a seller who has at least that quantity. You must buy this single offer or wait 8 hours to ask again.

02-02-14, 11:54 PM
Yes yes yes that would be amazing!!!