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01-18-14, 07:50 PM
I love the game and I hate find the objects games. I have some suggestions to help make it better.

1. How about a summary of the case we can refer to. I often times forget what the main crime was.

2. Do not tell us who the ****er is. You did this on one case and I loved it. CONFRONT THE SUSPECT instead of telling us who we are interviewing would be great.

3. Make the cases longer, and more involved. Maybe we find a bunch of evidence at a crime scene and we have choose which one we will have analyzed (4 hour wait maybe). There can be some false lead evidence. It shouldn't be as easy to find evidence as it is.

4. Make the hint button smaller. It often gets in the way of our button presses. It doesn't help when you often have objects VERY close to it. I play it on the iPad so it's manageable, but I can't even imagine what iPhone players have to go though.

5. Maybe...have the girl and the guy character hook up in story or **** one of them off in a story. Right now most of the characters seem one dimensional. Having ongoing relationship plot lines will make people want to continue the story.

6. Give us a reason to get all the stars on a case. Maybe an after scene to the case. It would have to be something worth getting. Right now there is no reason to go back to a case once we finished it. Maybe by getting all the stars on a case we can get a free add on to a case once per day and the more 100% cases you finish the more daily free add ons you can get.

Thanks for listening. I can't wait for case 7.

02-10-14, 03:18 PM
I don't know about the rest of this stuff, but I sort of agree with #2. Having to actually put the clues together would be a lot of fun... add more mystery to the mystery.

Haha, "the girl and the guy" reminds me! What are our characters' names?