View Full Version : Caged Fruit?

01-16-14, 04:38 AM
Can anyone help me how do i Free the Caged fruits??

01-16-14, 06:37 AM
Just make a line (doesn't have to be a straight line) from the key to the fruit. The colour of the key will determine which fruit can be freed with it. So red keys will free red fruit, etc.

01-16-14, 10:23 AM
You can go back to Level 13 for the tutorial on how to free Caged Fruits. Connect colored Keys to Caged Fruits of the same color to free them.

01-16-14, 04:14 PM
There are directions (and screenshots, including the original, in-game "tute") at this Level 14 thread (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?63718-Stuck-on-level-14)... But basically, you just create regular lines/chains of fruit (straight, diagonal, zig-zag, etc.) the same color as your key/caged fruit. Trace from the key to its matching-colored caged fruit (or vice-versa--direction doesn't matter.) The key does not move...nor does the caged fruit. Also, your fruit chains can extend beyond the key and/or caged fruit, so feel free to go past them to make nice, long chains! Longer chains mean more points, and help you earn special fruits (blasters, bombs...)