View Full Version : Hacked by Lvl 22 D-Ville

01-12-14, 06:37 PM
I was just hacked by level 22 D-Ville for 39 crowns with over 1000 warriors! I want my crowns back, my gold and spellstone back and the cheat banned from the game! I've warned players. I have photo proof but can't upload from phone.

01-12-14, 06:56 PM
Sorry to hear about that! Please remember the proper way to report other players:

To report a cheater in Kingdom Clash:

Please Submit A Request (http://support.storm8.com/anonymous_requests/new), select Report A Player and provide the following details in the Description:

Kingdom Name You Wish to Report:
Approximate Date/Time of Battle:
Crowns Lost:
Coins Lost:
Spellstone Lost:

We'll take a look and take any necessary actions. If we do take any action, you can expect any crowns or resources to be returned.