View Full Version : Barracks, Fortune Teller or Wizard School?

01-11-14, 05:35 AM
I have enough gems (for free) to buy an extra Barracks but I'm doubting what to buy. Should I buy the extra Barracks, the Fortune Teller or the Wizard School?
I thought if I buy the extra barracks I could send more Knights and collect more gems again to save for the Wizard School or Fortune Teller.
And which of these last ones is 'better'? What does the Fortune Teller do exactly? And how much energy do you gain from the Wizard School in how much time?

01-11-14, 05:51 AM
Wizard school. If you already have one barracks (did I read that right?) a wizard school is the next most helpful building. Three adventures daily may become a bit extreme and difficult to get all the feasts needed, especially during multiple or layered goals, but the school is guaranteed continuous energy. The fortune teller is a perk. If you don't keep up with that particular forum thread, finding a fortune's trigger is an unsure and possibly long-term deal. More like a random yet pleasant surprise than something to depend on.

Personally, I don't think I could do without my school at this point, but at times my barracks goes empty.

Oh! The wizard school gives ten energy at level five every... I want to say... four hours? :)

01-11-14, 06:34 AM
Wizard school definitely gets my vote.
Here is the thread on it http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?49711-Wizard-School
The barracks has the same adventures as your keep but they take 2 days, and the fortune teller currently has around 10 fortunes, none of which are particularly great.