View Full Version : No trolls, skunkupines, or any other creatures?

01-08-14, 10:09 PM
All my creatures have disappeared, there are no trolls, skunkupines, tigers, or anything else to beat up. I can't reach goals or receive items for quests and adventures without these. Does anyone know how I get them back?

01-08-14, 10:35 PM
Look around the edge of your kingdom for a stray monster hiding in the woods. You won't get another one if there already is one around.

01-09-14, 04:28 AM
just keep going. pretty soon, every time you turn around you will be fighting off something!

01-09-14, 06:25 AM
Has your music changed? Turn the volume up because if you've got a monster it'll be different to the normal background sound.
If not you'll you have to go back to collecting things. I've had three trolls, one saber and one skunk this morning. They're out there.