View Full Version : New upgrade system

01-08-14, 02:26 AM
I am just jotting down some ideas to make the game system more innovative and interesting, in case the game designer feels like reading this and implementing it, which I highly doubt... Maybe for another game..

Instead of a simple upgrade system of towers and troops, the game designer could make it more complex by giving options to players for which features to be upgraded (separately), such as increase HP, damage, firing rate, range, movement speed (for troops), decrease training time (for troops), decrease housing space (for troops), etc. Those upgrades would have their separate cost and time respective to the advantages given and also limitation based on RH level. This would give more (strategical) freedom to the players on how to approach the game. And maybe you could introduce critical damage rate to troops status.

And, why champion's altar hasn't been implemented yet? In addition, the game designer could give skills to the heroes and make them controllable (DotA like). And where is spell potion (looking at the next door game)?

This game is going down... way down..