View Full Version : Crashing Every Five Minutes...Literally!

01-07-14, 03:30 PM
This started approx 2 weeks ago. I have timed it because it was so frequent. I know it so well, that I can "predict it" and sure enough, it crashes. I play on iphone 4s. What's really annoying is how many pickaxes were wasted while in mine due to crashing. Now, if I go into the mine, I do it immediately after I crash and log back in again since this seems to be my safe time. I read to try and uninstall, then reinstall again. If I do this, will my current progress be gone and I will have to start over?
Any other ideas that may fix the crashing will be greatly appreciated too :D

It happens on original and xmas version ( 1.6.3 )

01-07-14, 03:45 PM
Reinstalling is safe. :)

Please give that a shot and let me know if it helps.

01-07-14, 04:16 PM
I did the reinstall, and unfortunately it didn't help.

01-07-14, 07:44 PM
Mine is now refreshing every few minutes