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01-06-14, 04:18 AM
Since several months ago, i cannot connect with Facebook. When i press "connect", Facebook app opens but it stays with a white screen, and it doesn't do anything. Now i have two devices and i want to play in both of them, so i to connect. Please, help me!

kooky panda
01-06-14, 04:58 AM
Try going into your device settings, then go to the Safari settings and be sure your JavaScript is set to ON. Then go to your Facebook settings and delete/remove the game from your Facebook. Then, force close your game, force close all Facebook apps on your device, force close Safari, then restart your device and try to reconnect again.

01-06-14, 10:37 AM
Thank you, but it's still the same issue. When I try to connect with facebook, it asked me for two permissions and I accepted, and then here is the same white screen (only gives me the option to 'cancel' in the upper left corner). And stays there without actually connect, so I cannot play on my other device from the level where I was (I do not want to play 365 levels again!!!!!)

kooky panda
01-06-14, 10:48 AM
If you want to play your main game on two different devices, make sure you have set up a password for each storm ID on each device. You can then log into your main game on either device.
See post 1 for instructions


01-08-14, 03:45 AM
Great! I had to intall jewel man?a christmas, be cause in the clasic game I couldn't connect with my storm8 user, but with the new game this was possible. Now I can play in both devices. Thank you!
I still can not connect with Facebook, but I am used to playing without connecting (the only problem is that i can't get the 40 gold bars)

01-14-14, 08:37 PM
lol in cant connect to fb too ;(

03-17-14, 09:14 AM
I can't connect to fb I don't have the fb option button

03-17-14, 09:18 AM
How can u check if we are connected to fb

04-30-14, 05:40 AM
I can't connect to facebook too