View Full Version : Recycling past Valentine's Day Edition

01-06-14, 01:26 AM
Hello to Team Lava,

I am an avid daily or more often player, of Castle Story. I love the city building aspect of the game with a wonderful intertwining storyline, reminiscent of childhood fairy tales. I do love the seasonal updates, but I must admit I have grown jealous of the players who started before me; for I started in early March and missed the Valentine's Day edition. Team Lava had created such beautiful items for that edition (the fountain is my favorite) which no one, who has joined since, has access to. So, be green and recycle the Valentine's Day edition for this year.

P.S. If you want to keep it fresh, just make a few teaks here and there.

01-09-14, 02:49 PM
Yes please please please pretty please. I would soooooooooo love the alicorn quest! ��������
And yes. I have read about it on the forums and know that I may very much want to eat those words!