View Full Version : Something is wrong with water sources?

01-04-14, 01:09 AM
I collected from 19 water sources and got no fish or scales (full on water)

Then did five more and got 1 scale and 1 fish.

I think the first time may have been a glitch but that's crazy

01-04-14, 01:17 AM
6 more with no fish or scales

I have the tablet shard too

01-04-14, 05:16 AM
I too have noticed a change in drops from wells and ponds. My situation is an abundance of fish and almost no mermaid scales. My water sources used to drop 1/3 mermaid scale and 2/3 fish. Now I get 1 or 2 mermaid scales if I'm lucky from a round of collecting. I get only water drops more often as well.

01-04-14, 05:32 AM
Yes, the mermaid scales are really low in dropping, as are jewels at the moment. Silver was a problem until I purchased the fairy building and now the silver is dropping more again. But now I'm going to need jewels for the ornate blocks and mermaid scales for the lumin essence, they have reduced drastically. I don't believe TL when they say this isn't the case as it clearly is. When materials are needed for certain quests, there is always a huge reduction in drop rate. I'm usually always maxed out on scales and jewels, now I have less than 40 scales and only 10 jewels and I've smashed loads of rocks and collected from ponds and wells and getting very few dropping. I also have 4 jewellers and not getting anything but coins dropping. What's the point in a jeweller if no jewels actually drop. At least this isn't another stupid timed quest again.

01-04-14, 08:27 PM
I just did 10 and got only water. NO special items at all. This is crazy.

01-04-14, 09:26 PM
I've been noticing it with fish. They just aren't piling up like they used to. I had to put out another pond and a well. Very unusual.

01-04-14, 10:58 PM
Very interesting. Today I suddenly am getting loads of mermaid scales and less fish. I did not start another quest though or finish a quest. I haven't noticed a drop in other materials yet but I'm sure something will be in severe shortage soon. I also think I got 15 sap from fancy building material trade. Is that even possible? I only got a glimpse of the rewards and thought I was 15. Could be 5, would just like to mention it.

01-05-14, 05:47 AM
I actually noticed, that when I am maxed out on water, I get much less fish abd scales. So i try to use at least some of my 99 water before I collect from ponds and wells, and though the drop rate isn't great, it does improve.