View Full Version : Finished! Can't wait for more...

01-03-14, 06:59 PM
I wish it had taken me longer to complete all the levels... I thought some new world would open up when I reached the top, but looks like I just have to wait for an update... too bad! This game is awesome and I've enjoyed it more than any other of the "mania's"... guess I gotta go back now and try for more 3-stars on all the levels :)

02-12-14, 01:03 PM
I am stuck On my way! level 82, hoe did you get past this level.

02-23-14, 04:03 PM
@kitkatt7: Tips in this Level 82 thread (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?63811-level-82)...

03-02-14, 10:52 PM
More levels to enjoy, now! Thank you, Team Lava! Love this game... :D

04-03-14, 02:11 AM
Edit: OMG! (Did it again.) Please disregard this post!