View Full Version : Interface gets in the way

01-03-14, 06:30 AM
I play on an iPhone 5C so that's pretty small compared to how this may look on a tablet. The interface blocks objects on a screen of this size sometimes (the score bar, hint button, etc.) and I miss out on points because I either can't see the object or when I do I end up hitting the interface and not what I needed to hit. I suggest a way to redesign this slightly for smaller screens. No complaints otherwise :)

01-03-14, 07:58 AM
Please report the scenes and objects that you are having troubles with.
Screen shots would be great, too.

01-04-14, 04:33 AM
The rat in the subway of case 2 and the Russian doll in the case 5 projection room are 2 examples I recall. I'll mention others if I see them as I progress. I think there were a few others but it's a bit of a hassle to go back to find them.

01-04-14, 04:31 PM
Can/beer by the hint button in case 5

02-10-14, 02:54 PM
I had problems with the rat, the Russian doll, and the beer can too. One of the cockroaches was an issue but I can't remember which one and it wastes 30 energy to go back into the scenes. The keys in the Biker Bar were a pain.

Any small object hidden near the edges really, but especially near the hints or the boosts. The dialog pops up for the boost and then closing the dialog erases your bonus. Tiny objects in general can be a problem even when not near the edges. The pigeons in scene 3 of the Valentines case are the worst example so far. I have to waste a few seconds zooming in or I can't even select those.

I've also had the game occasionally get stuck and conveniently spend my gems for me... 68 in total now. They were all part of the 74 free gems I got at the beginning of the game, but if I'd paid for them, I'd be pretty upset. I can't say exactly what happened. My guess is that the app was accepting screen input without rendering the boost popups. Pretty sure I also unintentionally lost gems at least twice on the timed forensics.

I'm not sure what to suggest. The interface seems designed pretty well. Maybe increasing the proximity on the smaller objects would help?