View Full Version : Farm Story 2 Crashes Resolved??

01-01-14, 09:46 AM
I am wondering what I should do next? I emailed TL about my crashes, gave them ally info as asked, and received an email back from the technical team saying my request had been resolved. But it hasn't. I am still having tons of crashes and losing a lot of items I get during the deliveries!!! It's so frustrating!!! I replied back to the same email telling them this but it says in the email that the technical team doesn't reply back to emails. So how am I suppose to communicate with them about this and get it resolved. If they think they have resolved it, how do I tell them they haven't?? I'm just looking for some advise!! My ticket number is 1178644. Any help will be greatly appreciated!! I really want to get the crashes fixed. I cannot play the game hardly until they are resolved. Thanks

[S8] Regina
01-01-14, 10:25 AM
Sorry about the crashes! Our games require a lot of memory usage, and if you are playing on an older device, it might not have enough performance to run the game. I would suggest closing all background apps when playing the game so that it will have enough memory to run the game.

I will also have an Agent follow up on your email as well. Thank you!