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12-31-13, 01:14 AM
I appreciate that TL posts a weekly update and we all respond with our tips and what not. But when a new/late comer comes to the forums to do a quest it gets very confusing.
Maguar has done some hard work collecting the links for the game guide, but i find looking for tips on the glimmergate quest quite difficult.

I cant properly link to the guide, but below is what I've found.
The main problem is that steps 5-14 are not really clarified in the second update post. Moreover, the third update post is full of glimmerbat stuff which was great at the time, but no longer relevant and takes forever to sift through.
Can a modifier or one of the active, oh so helpfull forum members, who has a list of all the requirements in an organised fashion, please please post it here so we can have all the requirements needed in one thread as opposed to going through hundreds of posts and finding 85% of the information.
please please please
Thank you, much appreciated.

Glimmergate Outline and Thread Links

PART 1 release http://forums.storm8.com/showthread....10-2013-Update
1. Only In Fairy Tales
2. Role Playing Adventure
3. The Glimmergate
4. Lady Greselda
5. High Maintenance
6. Beyond the Glimmergate
7. Legendary Key Scroll
8. Enchanted Minerals
9. Key of Doors
10. Typical Baron

PART 2 release http://forum.storm8.com/showthread.p...17-2013-Update
1. Acting Chops
2. Rotten Tomato
3. Monkey In The Middle
4. Summoning the Golems
5. Ruler Must Haves
6. Wicked Ride
7. Mirror Mirror
8. On The Wall
9. Ivy Saves The Day
10. Thurstons Bravery
11. Night Glimmer Sword
12. Rock Smash
13. Allergic to Light
14? CRAFT Day Glimmer Sword (only tlp mention no photo
15? Evil Queen Showdown (takes 99 hits) (only tlp mention no photo

PART 3 release http://forum.storm8.com/showthread.p...24-2013-Update
to avoid confusion GG pt.3 posted in 10.17.2013 update thread.
1. Shut the Door
2. Sabina's Play Debut
3. The Grand Trolling
4. Emo - tional Griselda
5. No place to go
6. Fashion Police
7. Specific Taste