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12-29-13, 02:32 PM
I have an ipod touch os version 6.1.5 farm story2 2 1.6.3 game version. I cannot play for more than 10 minutes without the game crashing. It doesn't matter what I am doing. When I go back in after it crashes I have to redo whatever I last did and if I was mining I lose my tool and if I was buying something at the newstand I lost that too. I have been playing for a while and I'm on level 29 but it is getting more and more frustratin. Everytime I see an update for Farm Story 2 I keep hoping that this one will fix my problem but it hasn't. I have the same problem on Farm Story 2 Christmas. Please fix this soon!

12-29-13, 02:35 PM
I have the same problem.fed up :(

12-29-13, 02:42 PM
Have both of you done a fresh install of the game?

12-29-13, 02:46 PM
How do you do that?

12-29-13, 03:07 PM
Uninstall the game, and reinstall the game. Sometimes a fresh install will fix this. :)

12-29-13, 03:17 PM
I have donee that as well, however, that hasn't fixed it. Now, it's getting worse crashing every minute.

12-30-13, 09:42 AM
If you have a lot of content on your board, let everything in your Farm load first before you start playing.

Please close out other apps running in the background of your device. Please try restarting your device as well. Also, double check to make sure you are on stable connection, try other wifi connections and see if this helps.

If you still experience crashes, please let us know which specific actions seem to cause the crash. Thank you.

12-30-13, 02:28 PM
Also the same problems here! After entering the mine, being kicked out, lost my tooling, my gold silver and so on.
After buying in the store, lost my money, the items bought and the game is set back approx. 30 seconds.It's getting very annoying!! Crashing caused already so much damage by loosing money, lots of gems and articles.
Going fishing gave the same problems: fishes gone, store empty, set back in time, but no refund or fish back.
Re-installing makes no difference. I had this problems also in the Halloween version, but not as often as it happens now. It's hardly possible to play a normal way. please do something about this!!!

12-31-13, 07:41 PM
It got so bad for me that it wouldn't even load my game, it was crashing at the title intro screen.

01-09-14, 12:27 PM
Now I have had it!! Everything I touch makes game crash, can,t sell, buy, fish, or deliver or anything else. I give up!

01-18-14, 01:56 PM
Same issues here..I have 2 devices ( iPad first generation 5.1 and itouch 6.1.5 version ).. Playing farm 2 version 1.6.3.. Xmas version was worse so couldn't play that version ...iPad past few months completely un playable ..collecting ...market ...planting ..only lasts a second ..now with login feature I play on itouch ..my itouch crashes alot to..

Specially ...if I get a push notification I get kicked out ..if I go tithe market to try to sell something ..I get kicked out ..it may take literally 10-20 times to get 1 item up for sale ..then I must get out of game and go back in to save ( never has success trying 2 times in a row otherwise my first item for sale will reset to nothing ..)... When I mine ..this really stinks ...I have sbout 80% of the time I will mine ..find gold ..and then kicked out ( this is different then my market kick outs becuase when I mine ..the game doesn't reset ...I actually lose the tool I was using and whst ever I already collected ).. If someone visits me ...I also get kicked out ....
I really like the game but it's very frustrating to get kicked out and take 1 hr what should be a few taps only ..I'm level 30 on both of my accounts ...

other TL games I don't hsve a problem playing are FS ,bs ,RS, pet hotel ,zoo 2, on iPad .....( DS ,castle ,pet shop Farm 2 constantly crash)... I'm level over 100 or at cap

Other TL games on itouch I don't any problem are pet hotel , zoo 2, bs ,RS ,......dragon crashes every time I do a quest .butbthe rest I can play ).... Castle crashes every five minutes but I still can play ...itouch I'm also at level 100 or max cap on most ...

I do several times a day ..uninstall ..reinstall ..close all apps running in the background ....

Just posting to see hopefully a fix can be done someday with specific examples of the bugs in this game ...

01-18-14, 02:10 PM
Forgot to mention ..I'm level 32 on farm 2 on both devices as this is the newest game I played ...:)

01-25-14, 07:24 PM
Read your reviews TL, most of them are about crashes. Get it together. I can't even play anymore, it's too frustrating

01-25-14, 07:31 PM
I have uninstalled and reinstalled 20 times. so fed up but I love the game, so try again. Try to sell, Crash, Try to Mine, Crash, Try to Visit, Crash. Move screen too fast, Crash. It is disheartening because I enjoy the game. If you can imagine that. TL is so good, I keep checking to see if better update?

01-26-14, 07:48 PM
New update 1.7 version even worse with crashes ..after maybe 300 plus attempts to sell something in the side shop ..only 1 was successful.. Mining still crashes maybe 90% lose both tool and item ... Before 1.7 after 10 Attempts would get 1 thing to sell .now nothing will- just kicks me out ..most delivers also now also kick me out with new update on my itouch 4 th generation ..even collecting crops and milk..bacon.etc. it crashes with any collection including butterflies / moles ..when I buy ..complete crashes ..

I do several times aday uninstall and reinstall ..I always force All games too ..no help with this new version ...level 33 on both accounts ( game won't even open no iPad 1 st generation anymore ..so plying both accounts on itouch 4th.. But now csnt even do that ..storm I'd angela3737 is my main one ...

01-26-14, 09:22 PM
Hello I have ipod 4th generation. The new update for farm 2 crashes all the time. So I went back to the original version my farm is tbrtyler01. There's nothing wrong with my Internet connection. I reinstall the game everyday all day. I've cleared cookies and cache. I log out of my games. Just about Any move I perform the game crashes. I have reached out to support and the forum. Nothing is working. They more I play the more rewards I lose. Farm 2 is the only game that does this. From reading the reports above mines it appears this problem is very high on ipod 4th generation. Please I have did every reinstall and uninstall ....checked connections...logged off games...you name it I've tried to fix the crashes. Please help. It takes me a half off day just to put one item in the market because of crashes. When I collect from animals the same thing. Basically all attempts to play the game this happens.

01-27-14, 05:57 AM
I ply on iPad 2 and everything crashes. I am basically collecting honey everyday and that's it. Too frustrating

01-27-14, 05:59 AM
Agree I only check once or twice a day because every time I do something I crash
So I just say forget about it and go play another game

iPod 4 gen here

01-31-14, 05:25 PM
My crashing had gotten better but there was still crashing and it was tolerable. Ever since the last update, I'm crashing so much that I can't get anything done, even if I wait a minute or two first. I have lost 3 tools in mining because the last three times I tried mining it crashed. I bet I tried 10 times to add stuff to my store but every single time I get in the store it crashes immediately. This I very frustrating.

02-01-14, 09:08 AM
Yep..with last update unable to us store at all on both iPad 1 and itouch 4

02-02-14, 02:34 AM
The crashes you guys are experiencing are memory crashes. So far crashes will happen with high level farms (level 25+) on iPad 1s, iPod 4s and devices with similar specs (please let me know if your situation is different). We really appreciate everyone who reported what device they're using and what level they are on as this really helps us determine what the problem is.

This becomes more of an issue the higher level you are; higher levels = more items and animations on your farm, causing these memory crashes. We're really sorry to hear how frustrating the experience has been for you guys! But we are working on a fix to reduce how memory intensive this game is - please be patient as we figure out a solution! In the mean time try removing unnecessary decorations from your game board (you can store it in the cellar), and closing out all background apps when playing Farm Story 2.

02-02-14, 05:06 AM
But we are working on a fix to reduce how memory intensive this game is - please be patient as we figure out a solution!
No you aren't. There is no option to turn unnecessary animations off. No way to store or sell animated elements. Or anything else incredibly obvious and surprisingly simple, none of the things that should have been programmed in from day one, actually, had anyone thought this through. Not everyone can afford to run out and buy the latest super duper device every time TL wants to create a game that induces maniacal rage when played on anything less.

In the mean time try removing unnecessary decorations from your game board (you can store it in the cellar), and closing out all background apps when playing Farm Story 2.
Once again, you have not made this an option. I can store or sell wooden crates and everything else that makes no difference, but I can't store or sell my extra cows or buildings. Crashing got worse after adding these extra animations. But you won't let me remove them. That kind of thing... I mean, come on... I can start cooking an expensive 2-day recipe in BS and accidentally store the stove immediately. So um... really?

Also, I've closed background apps, restarted my device, and hard restarted my device, everything short of a factory reset, and I'll delete every game you people have gotten me addicted to before I'll resort to a measure like that to solve something that is clearly a problem that stems from YOUR end.

Feed me some more, I'm loving it.

02-04-14, 04:03 AM
Thank you for your explanation and working on this ..I have both iPad 1 and iPod 4th levels 33&32.. No longer able to to sell any goods ..actually I never mentioned before but buying decorations always was an issue even at low level ( below 10 ) on these devices would take maybe 5 plus attempts to work .but that didn't stop my play before ..but unable to to clear out my inventory and sell puts me on a complete halt ..

I was curious about storing ..I wasn't sure if in my cellar the game would still see that as memory ..but from your your explanation ..as long as its in there it shouldn't count ...

Can you tell us gamers which items are the big drainers on the game to maybe reduce the memory ?

02-07-14, 04:33 AM
Well I am going to have to call Shenanigans on this one! It was your update! I cant do anything in the game and it has proceeded to worsen daily! I have uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times!! I have tried from different internet connections... And i have removed and stored everything it will let me... i have lost coins, gems, tools, and purchases.... It is so bad it crashes as soon as it loads... YOUR UPDATE is the day it started... I am so annoyed I am honestly about to be done with it.. This was one of my favorite games... You guys need to uninstall your update and compensate us for our losses!!! Really want my tools, gems and coins back.. Wouldn't be so bad if this stuff wasn't worked so hard for...

02-08-14, 12:54 PM
I just wanted to let you know. That for some odd reason, the crashing has gotten a little better even I haven't done anything different. The only thing I did was not play farm story for several days, didn't even try to open the game. Although it is better, it still crashes but at least I can get a few things done before it does crash. This game still needs a lot of work done. I just wish there was a way to completely fix all these crashes. There are too many people looking forward to the crash fix as this has been going on for way too long. People with all kinds of old and new devices. This is not a device problem! Please concentrate on fixing the crashes and nothing else. I can say, for myself and probly everyone else, I don't care about any new updates that involve upgrades, new products, new animals, etc. I just want the crash issue fixed first and foremost.

02-10-14, 08:07 AM
I can't take the crashing any more. It got worst with the Valentine update. I can't even sell something because it crashes so much. This game is a waste of time.

02-10-14, 10:11 AM
Well it's good to know that I'm not the only one who is so angry. I sent an email yesterday. What makes me the most angry is not only have I lost a gem and a tool, but I purchased the little piggy sweaters from the Christmas version and like all other things we buy we have the right to use them or put them out whenever we like. Well I bought a pastel skin since it was on sale and guess what? my sweaters are gone forever and I have no way to restore them. I can only assume this same thing will happen with the valentines skins as well so people beware. It sounds dumb but come on I just want access to things that I bought with hard earned coins. Right?!

02-11-14, 11:10 PM
The fix is simple: Let us store/sell animated items. Cows, buildings, that stuff, not just the decorations or trees that aren't moving and aren't causing the problem. My crashing wasn't near as bad until I bought an extra batch of cows and a second windmill and feed mill, but I can't get rid of them. If my device didn't have to use all its resources loading all these animations, it would be able to handle the load and keep the game running. TL knows this, they're not stupid.

02-13-14, 03:16 PM
My mom has the same problem and she plays on iPod touch 4; it always crashes on her. Just hope you can fix this soon?? I close out all the apps and restart the device for her but it doesn't help.
I use an iphone 5 and have no issues, though.

02-18-14, 03:44 AM
Oh it's so nice to know I'm not the only one that has this problem. Since the moment I first started playing FS2 it's done nothing but repeatedly crash on me. I've deleted it & redownloaded it, force closed all my apps, have nothing running in the background, tried running it on my wifi, other wifi, 4G network and...nothing. nothing works. And level has nothing to do with it because I somehow managed to just get level 11. And it's not just FS2 that's crashing. Castle Story, Home Design Story and City Story are all completely unstable. For the last week these 3 games have crashed more than when I first started playing them over a year ago. TL is saying that they're working on a fix but I don't believe that. There's enough complaints on this thread alone to get a response from someone but the moderators are suspiciously quiet. I know one thing for sure. I won't be spending any sort of real cash on their games in the future. And I'm thinking of uninstalling FS 2 until this crashing bug is fixed.

02-18-14, 10:45 AM
The crashes you guys are experiencing are memory crashes. So far crashes will happen with high level farms (level 25+) on iPad 1s, iPod 4s and devices with similar specs (please let me know if your situation is different). We really appreciate everyone who reported what device they're using and what level they are on as this really helps us determine what the problem is.

This becomes more of an issue the higher level you are; higher levels = more items and animations on your farm, causing these memory crashes.

I just barely made it to level 8 and will delete the game. I won't even try to earn the gems from the goal asking me to try to make it to level 11. Forget those gems. I do not have much animation. As you can imagine I do not have many buildings. I only just purchased the dairy to complete one of the challenges. I have one neighbour besides stormie and hardly went visiting. The game, surprisingly, never crashed when I visited other higher level players. It only crashed when it was on my paltry little unexciting farm.

I play on an ipad 2. I guess since the "higher level" part of your diagnosis does not apply, it must then be that my device is inferior so that is why it keeps crashing. Oh well.

Since it appears that you all are having such difficulty fixing this, perhaps you should consider it only fair to continue to update Farm story so that those who cannot play this game won't feel the need to go play another company's farm games?

02-19-14, 04:57 AM
One thing I'm 100% sure was that whenever there's something new coming up, the game will crash non-stop regardless of what device you're on.

02-21-14, 01:17 PM
I have the same problems, this game is a waste of my time. I spend more time reloading than actually playing! TL get the bugs fixed or I will uninstall forever!!!

02-21-14, 11:00 PM
Played up to level 41 without any problems but since yesterday it freezes/chrashes as soon as I am trying to open the news stand or trying to send goods. It is so annoying!

Device is an iPad Mini Retina so this shouldn't cause the issue.

02-24-14, 08:59 AM
Wow! No news or updates on the crash issues for FarmStory 2 on older devices.

Makes me wonder if they (developers/programmers) gave up, or maybe just don't care so long as they're making money from users of newer devices.
Ultimately the game exists for it's creators to generate income and I don't condemn or deny that right, just let customers know what they may encounter.

I've been hanging in, holding on in hopes of a fix because I do (did) enjoy the game and have spent a lot of time to advance - just to end up where it's difficult or near impossible to go any further.
Yes, I'm disappointed and frustrated, too!
Some days I've spent more time waiting for the game to reload than playing.
I've tried all the suggested means to remedy the problem and, like most, it hasn't helped.
I'd also like to mention that in the past I've used far more graphics intensive apps without any issues, so I'm not so sure that is the problem. Better programing perhaps (less impact on DDR)?
We'd all like to have the latest technology but unfortunately it's not always possible.

My problem now is the same issues as many have already mentioned on this Forum and elsewhere (listed here in order of my priority of importance to play):
- Game crashes when I try to add items to my Shop (90% of the time)
- Game crashes while I'm mining (50% of the time)
- Game crashes when someone visits my Farm (80% of the time)
All of these result in loss of items and actions that had been performed and some are substantial, even resulting in loss of gems earned.
- Game crashes when I open Barn or Silo (80% of the time)
- Game crashes when I'm working on my farm (sometimes not doing anything at all!) (10% of the time)

May I suggest you (TeamLava/Storm8) include the information about the instability issues on older devices that they DO know of in the App Store?
I think it's wrong to leave it to Reviewers to disclose that, or players to find out for themselves after investing time, anticipation, and sometimes money.

FarmStory 2 ver.2.1.7
Level 37

iPad 1st gen
iOS 5.1.1 (build 9B206) {Thanks Apple, for your money hungry limited or lack of support for your own products}
32 GB storage (18 GB free)
256 MB memory (180 MB free)
WiFi - 802.11n on High Speed cable 15 Mb/s

btw... I believe the real issue here is Team Lava's (Storm8's) servers, where game data is saved and transferred. That is key to the game's function and performance.
I can imagine the significant Player base they've acquired and the capacity required to keep up with them. Maybe system (device) upgrades are needed on their part, too! ;-)

02-24-14, 08:40 PM
Wow! No news or updates on the crash issues for FarmStory 2 on older devices.

Makes me wonder if they (developers/programmers) gave up, or maybe just don't care so long as they're making money from users of newer devices.

This issue was never fixed for old games like Pet Shop or Castle Story so I don't think they'll fix it for this one.

03-02-14, 08:28 PM
Same here I gave up playing it. It only stays up for about 1-2 minutes then crashes. I have tried everything.

03-03-14, 12:10 PM
Same problems for me. Doing anything in the shop also causes crashing 90% of the time. Also crashes 90% of time when I try to buy a building from the market. I have tried deleting the running thread, resetting the IPad, etc but no improvement. Sometimes it crashes just after I get the last item for the mole/butterfly collection - Grrrr.

This is a real shame because I am enjoying the game

03-16-14, 01:12 PM
The latest upgrade has worked wonders, the game is so much more stable even on my iPad1. Still get the odd crash but nothing like I had before. Thanks Team Lava:cool:

03-21-14, 05:49 AM
The latest upgrade has worked wonders, the game is so much more stable even on my iPad1. Still get the odd crash but nothing like I had before. Thanks Team Lava:cool:
Ditto this (iPad 1 as well), there's been an incredible difference, I can actually say I'm amazed. Thanks TL. Step in the right direction at last! {*^_^*}

05-26-18, 02:10 PM
I know these posts are like 4 years old but I don?t know where else to turn. I have a brand new android tab s2. Sometimes it opens most of the time it doesn?t. Says ?farm story 2 has stopped.? I?ve reunstalled game. I?ve cleared cache. Cleared data. Restarted tablet. Went back to factory setting. It?s the only app on the tablet. I don?t know what else to do I?m very frustrated.

05-26-18, 03:41 PM
Already replied to you by pm.

06-26-18, 02:36 PM
Twice today my game has crashed and not picked up anywhere near where I was. I lost progress in the event. I got to 5 and now I am back at 4 and short frostings. This is getting ridiculous. First, I didn't get the gems I purchased and was told it would take days to fix and now I keep losing my place. I am sure that will not be remedied either. I play 2 other games and when something goes wrong, which I know is normal, it is addressed quickly. I just got back to playing after a year off. I am going to stop playing again. Obviously, this game has issues.

06-26-18, 11:24 PM
Check your connections and device as these are the common factors which causes crashing. Looks like it may be the cause of your purchase issue. Reinstalling your game may help to reduce space and memory. Try the suggestions under sections Connection and Device Performance in https://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?88875-Please-read-this-before-posting-bug-reports&p=1301035&viewfull=1#post1301035

Merged duplicate thread to existing thread.

09-14-18, 02:47 PM
Recently switched to android phone at first all storm 8 games I was able to sign into but restaurant story but storm 8 fixed that and that game is all good also bakery story is fine but now my farm story 2 won't open.. I have uninstalled many times and reinstalled no help... Contacted storm 8 but said ticket closed to check forums.. Someone please help.. Only app on my phone that won't open

09-14-18, 08:05 PM
Sorry to hear that. You can contact Support: support form (http://support.storm8.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) for an Agent to help you with transferring your games and recovering your farm. Make sure you select "Account Recovery" under category. Get the Agent to assist you if you are switching from iOS to Android.

09-27-18, 09:30 PM
Hi, I don?t know what to do. Game is crashing after I try to start the app. I have iphone 8. It?s seems that new ios12.0 is a problem. Update completed this nigtht and this problem started. Thank you.

09-28-18, 07:22 AM
Have you install the latest Farm Story 2 version 2.7.1 yet? Please do so if not.
See this thread on iOS 12. https://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?106082-Game-not-working-on-iOS-12/page6

09-28-18, 07:57 AM
Thank you so much! Your information was very helpful. Have a good one:)

09-28-18, 11:30 PM
Happy to help. You have a great day. :)