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12-29-13, 12:25 AM
A note to TeamLava:
I am not trying to offend you with this message. It is intended to provide you with some honest feedback from my perspective and that of my friends and relatives which are all Android users

A note to the forum community:
I would appreciate some feedback from Android and iOS users alike. Do my fellow Android users have similar sentiments? Do iOS users agree that they would be less likely to play this game if they suffered the same limitations?I'm under the impression that iOS is providing TeamLava with an incentive to limit all (for lack of a better term) enhanced features for Android users. Almost every feature which makes the game enjoyable (crafting, ice world, mining, etc. just to name a few of the many features) are iOS only. We Android users are left with very little functionality. I am growing quite bored with it. It's felt (for quite some time) like a simple grind-based game.

The features available to me as an Android user which have outlived their usefulness (or weren't useful from the start):

Send requests for maps to expand our islands

This requires about 10 minutes of my time every day to go through my list of 173 neighbors and manually click each one of them to request a map
Keep in mind that there is a limit of 20 maps received per day..
The only request-able item is the map
Suggestion: Why can't there just be a simple button you click to automatically send a request to everyone on your list? And for that matter, why isn't there a similar button in your news feed to automatically send maps to each neighbor that requested one from you?

Clear foliage

At level 106 my map is very close to being cleared
This feature will have outlived its usefulness within the month

Place decorations

I don't intend this to be offensive and apologize if anyone takes it that way but I am a heterosexual male and have absolutely no interest in any interior decorator aspect of any game
That being said, I am sure there are users that enjoy the decorating feature. I am just pointing out that it holds very little value to me, personally

Buy new habitats

I have the maximum amount of habitats and am unable to purchase any more.
I am not complaining about the limit (and appreciate that it is increased occasionally), just pointing out that it is yet another of the limited Android features that outlives its usefulness late in the game

Grow food

Almost every dragon I have is Epic level 10 and I currently have 370,964 food
The only purpose to growing food at my stage in the game is for the experience

Evolve dragons

Just about every one of mine is already Epic

Buy extra Nests

These cost an obscene amount of gold
Only allow you to incubate more than one dragon concurrently
Since you can only breed them one at a time, then how many does one really need to have?
Suggestion: Wouldn't it be a better idea to implement the ability to purchase a second Breeding Den to make the Nest a more worthwhile purchase? And wouldn't a second Evolution Temple be another great addition? I know I would personally spend real money to buy gold if either of those were available

Visit neighbor islands to play with their dragons

This only gives 1 exp per visit per island per day
Does nothing but raise my social rating

This does put me higher on the list for people looking to visit non-neighbor community members
I really don't care about people visiting my island or playing with my dragons
This only grants 250 extra coins per each dragon played with (very little impact for end-game users; it does help very early on, but when you have tens or hundreds of millions of coins 250 doesn't really mean much)
This only grants 1 exp per dragon played with (similar to the above line, I am close to 2 million experience; 1 exp might as well be no exp when you are around the 2,000,000 exp mark)
Suggestion: If these gold and exp values were scaled relative to player level so that it would benefit both new players end-game players alike, it would make this feature much more worthwhile. After all, how much does 1 exp help somebody needing several 10s or 100s of thousands exp for a level, and how much does 250 coins help somebody that needs 1 million to clear a piece of land or 6 million to buy a new habitat?)

The following activities remain that actually (barely) have a point for me to participate in:

Collect coins when my habitats are full

I am currently sitting on several tens of millions of coins, but I suppose its better than letting them go to waste

Breed dragons

As much as I love checking back in every 33 hours when my Diamond/Virtue Dragons are done breeding yet another Virtue dragon and then breeding the same two dragons again to find their offspring is going to be another Virtue dragon and not the Unicorn I've been trying to get for several months..
I am, of course, using this as an example. I know there are lots of dragons to try for. But with only one Breeding Den it doesn't matter how many Nests you have. There's no choice but the continue trying for a dragon you are still missing and hoping you get lucky.
This is the only reason I still play the game and as an Android user it is the only feature that still engages me.
This is the only activity that remains even remotely enjoyable to me. And this too is growing quite monotonous.

I really wish TeamLava would start porting at least some of the very numerous iOS only features to the Android version. The game needs some more substance to it for those of us that are high level Android users. We are just as likely to spend money on games (or gold in this case) as iOS users. I decided to stop buying gold for this game (almost a year ago) when I realized that TeamLava is alienating us for our choice of smart phone platform. If I were placed on an even playing field with the iOS users, I would gladly return to my practice of purchasing gold regularly to both enhance my game experience and to support the TeamLava team. I am aware that the full iOS version of this game is very well designed and has loads of fun, engaging content.

Unfortunately, however, I'm sorry to say that I am rapidly approaching the point where I will simply uninstall the game and switch to a company that doesn't go out of their way to alienate Android users. I have a strong suspicion that I am one of many Android users that feel the same way, so please provide some feedback in your replies and hopefully TeamLava will consider putting us on even ground with iOS users. I love the concept behind the full version of this game and would hate to be forced to abandon it after all the time I have put into my account.

Thanks in advance,

kooky panda
12-29-13, 09:46 AM
Thank you for your feedback.

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