View Full Version : Level 207 time limit...

12-28-13, 04:27 AM
...is way too low! Impossible to dig 19 meters with only 2:15 on the clock. I managed 16 with luck, and usually get 10-12 meters before the time runs out. I saw that before there were 5:08 minutes on the clock, so 2:15 makes it impossible. Why did you reduce the time?

12-30-13, 08:37 PM
Yes I am having exactly the same problem! I can't seem to fix it. Must be a bug, very frustrating.

12-31-13, 05:46 AM
I ha e the same problem. Usually 10-12 and one time 14 with extra time vs. GOLD (grrrrrrrrrr). Impossible. No news? I Also saw a 5:08 before, in that case it might be feasible.

01-05-14, 12:19 PM
We've increased the time limit for this level to give you more time. Thanks for your feedback!