View Full Version : Can't get out of tutorial on level 8!

12-27-13, 01:17 AM
I just started playing Fruit Splash Mania. I can't get out of the tutorial on level 8. There is no "okay" button like there is on the previous levels. The only way I can get out is by rebooting my iPod, but then the same thing happens when I play that level again. I've deleted & reinstalled the game, but it's the same. I can't skip the level, so I can't play. Any suggestions?

12-27-13, 03:00 AM
The game highlights the fruits that you need to connect in order to continue.

Connect the 14 watermelons to get two Special Fruits first
Connect the 3 plums to use the Bomb Fruit
The tips will clear and you can clear the rest of the Mud Puddles

http://i.imgur.com/Pkpahr6.png http://i.imgur.com/Ty2yWG9.png

12-27-13, 09:15 PM
Ugh! That was so simple that I'm red-faced! It never dawned on me (obviously) that I had to DO what they were showing me. Thank you very much for responding so promptly & solving my problem.