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12-24-13, 10:06 PM
First of all, sorry if my English sentences are incorrect. Then the reason I posted this.
I had a new idea for a goal. It is called the Master of Arts:

Goal 1: place the advertisement board in your kingdom to lure artists (writers, painters, etc.) to provide jobs.
These artists want a job and you, as a Queen or King, have to provide them some jobs.
The advertisement board is somewhat

Goal 2: Craft different kinds of dye:

Craft 1 purple dye.
Craft 2 blue dye.
Craft 3 yellow dye.
Craft 4 red dye.
(Maybe some new colors?)

Goal 3: Craft supplies for the artists to use (includes new items in the workshop):

Craft 1 painter?s brush (2 wood, 1 rat tail, and 1 simple glue) ? Time: 1 hr.
Craft 1 painter?s canvas (1 wood, 1 large page*, and 1 super glue) ? Time: 2 hrs.
Craft 1 painter?s outfit (2 hide, 1 fur, and use needle** and yarn***) ? Time: 4 hrs.

*Large page: 2 wood and 10 white petals in the workshop ? Time: 30 min.
** Needle: 10 iron ores in the Magic Forge ? Time: 15 min.
***Yarn: 2 wool, 5 yellow petals, and 5 blue petals ? Time: 15 min.

Goal 4: Give the painter supplies to the artists.

Goal 5: Provide the artists some time to finish their works. Time: 8 hrs.
When finished, the advertise board is replaced by a small building decorated with paint splatters that drops
random items (for example, mermaid scales, petals, but also food items, glimmerdust, water, etc.).