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12-24-13, 09:32 AM

When creating/baking items would be nice to see listed there how many I already have... Example, if I have 5 flour on hand and I go to the mill to create more it would be nice to see something like 5 flour in barn, create 1 more. Etc

In barn, would be nice if items I have none of are listed as having 0 available... Then it would be easier to see which items I need to stock. Would also be nice if when in barn or silo ... Clicking on an item would bring up a dialog such as create more (takes you to appropriate bldg to create that item) or plant more or mine more (when clicking on gold, silver or iron) or fish again ( when clicking on anchovies, catfish or bass)....

What do you think?

12-24-13, 04:17 PM
Love the idea re showing how much you have. It could easily be just a number under each item plus a little picture of the barn/silo. A big Yes Please for that!

When I go to the barn it hasn't really been too much of a concern working out what I have 0 of, so I wouldn't be too fussed either way.

02-10-14, 12:50 AM
Re. showing how much you have when creating new items - I've been missing this feature, too.

02-10-14, 04:17 PM
yess great idea i love it! that feature would be loved by all im sure :)