View Full Version : Many bugs in Nightclub Story.

12-22-13, 05:41 PM
Most of the time my neighbours tell me when they visit me they see a black screen, and now i know when i accidentally spended cash on making drinks ready, because i clearly did not saw them when i was mixing theme.
Most of the time my mixing slots are invisble i only see a circle, instead of an mixer O.o.. and i only happen to have this glitch in Nightclub story which sucks because on this way it can happen you tap to many times on the mixing tables and ending up spending cash for fixing a drink O_o..sometimes the noise when i am mix them just get stuck, i hear it 2-3 seconds later and ups.cash is gone drink is served-_-
Its also quite hard to decorate the room with new items when you upgrades to a bigger space for nightcloub story which gives me a hard time, that the games just wont move when i tap on it, only then when i tap on my gifts and pretend to serve a gift from a neighbour, but i dont do it, when i go back, then the game finally move me into the direction which i ordered it.
I dont think i am the only one with those bugs and they really annnoy me, how can i fix this?
I want to save up now 22 cash for some disco lights and i dont want to end up wasting it because the games has to many buggs and glitches O_o and my internet connection is stable and quick, i never have problem likes this at other team lava games.

12-23-13, 08:00 AM
I thought TL stopped supporting NS months ago?

12-23-13, 11:19 AM
Nightclub Story is still available on Android and Kindle. If you're experiencing any issues, we recommend closing any apps that may be running in the background. This should free up some resources and help the game run better

12-23-13, 12:38 PM
I thought TL stopped supporting NS months ago?

That doesnt help me at all when a game is still online and played bye many users,there should be updates, and support when it is STILL online.

Frozenturtle: will try it and i hope it will help thx for the help.

01-14-14, 03:43 PM
I tried as Frozen Turb said so but i didnt help at all but stil thx for the advice.