View Full Version : HAlf off crafting times

12-19-13, 02:55 AM
Need one weekend a month where they hook you up. Everything takes half the time. No we should have this for all kitchen and crafting buildings. Ie instead of two hours for bread make it one or instead of one hour for a fancy block half an hour ect... Even if that's not going to happen it could be a gem option twenty gems for a half off weekend something like that. Our crafting times are insane as it is it takes a full day to prepare a feast. Sure we need more kitchens but think of the time we'd save if we could craft a ton of longer things even for two days. If team lava won't do it because of the time and money we invest not to mention the free advertising and feedback it'd be an awesome gem options. Crafting times are a huge problem for everyone if they could give a lil back it'd go a long way for me